Powers of Minus Ten Bone

Mobile app for iPad

Zoom inside the bones of the human body

Harness the power of magnification, zoom into the human hand, and discover the world that lies beyond the naked eye!

Adapted from the original Powers of Minus Ten app to accompany Scientastic!, Powers of Minus Ten – Bone is an interactive game-based app that explores the science of bones. Seamlessly zoom by powers of ten into scientifically-accurate 3D environments of human bones, from bone cells and the extracellular matrix to molecules. See how broken bones heal and investigate some of the cool and weird cells found in the middle of our most sturdy organs.

Created by development partner Dynamoid Apps with funding from Planet Earth Television, Powers of Minus Ten – Bone can be used to enhance late middle school to early high school science curriculum. An accompanying lesson plan (“Cell City”) meeting national standards is available for free download. Additional resources include Scientastic! “Sticks and Stones” and our Bone Curriculum materials.