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Who We Are

The Partnership in Education is a program located at Duquesne University that is passionate about improving STEM education and health literacy. 

Funded in part by the National Institutes of Health, we specialize in creating innovative, hands-on educational products that make science engaging and fun for teachers, students, and learners of all ages.

From the scientific method to evolution, or from the science of sleep to regenerative medicine — we believe that with the right tools and approach, fundamental principles of science can be made accessible to everyone.

What We Do

Apps, video games, television programs, movies, digital planetarium shows, interactive museum exhibits, vetted teaching materials — you name it! We use cutting-edge technologies and creative media platforms to bring science to life and inspire lifelong learning.  

Led by John Pollock, Ph.D., biologist and award-winning educator and producer, we regularly work with a wide range of partners, such as artists and animators, game developers, educators, medical doctors, and researchers from leading institutions around the world.

Together, we create high-caliber, rigorously tested science education tools for the 21st century that can be easily integrated into the classroom, museum, or living room.

Our Team

Meet the core team of individuals who bring our products to life.
Dr. John Pollock

Dr. John Pollock

Director/Executive Producer

Dr. Pollock is a full professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Duquesne University. With degrees in physics and biophysics, he has carried out continuously funded research on the nervous system since the 1980’s. He currently runs a research program focused on the biology of chronic pain and teaches courses in neurobiology and microscopy. Dr. Pollock also serves as co-director of the Chronic Pain Research Consortium.

As the director and executive producer of The Partnership in Education, Dr. Pollock has created and produced several award-winning health literacy and science-based multimedia projects, including video games, apps, ebooks, and a multiple Emmy® Award-winning children’s television show.

Danielle Commisso

Danielle Commisso

Science Writer

Danielle is a longtime collaborator with The Partnership in Education. A freelance writer with a B.A. from Carnegie Mellon, she has worked on both the creative and promotional ends of multiple projects, including Bibliotech, Scientastic, and Darwin2009. Her love for science and health was inspired at an early age by her dad, a microbiologist and educator who regularly regaled her with tales from the mysterious world of microbes.

Dr. Brinley Kantorski

Dr. Brinley Kantorski

Director of Education and Curriculum Development

Brinley Kantorski serves as the Director of Education and Curriculum Development at The Partnership in Education where she creates educational science media, such as apps, movies, TV shows, and the teaching materials that accompany them. In years past, she has taught high school online and been a private tutor, as well as an independent science content writer. When she’s not in the office, you can find her in the kitchen trying out new recipes, geocaching in the wilderness of Western PA with her husband, or relaxing on the back porch with her knitting.

Sarah Will

Sarah Will

Lead Artist and Designer

An Art Institute of Pittsburgh alumnus and former educational video game designer, Sarah has worked with the Partnership in Education for many years. She’s been a part of several projects including the BiblioTech app series, Dermis Defense, and illustrating the online reading resources. Her passion for biology and animation led her to pursue a career in educational media. While not hard at work, she is often found running sessions of Dungeons & Dragons, writing and illustrating comics, or designing tabletop and video games.

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Roles and Responsibilities:

Weekly assignments will be given with the ability to work independently, but with support and guidance as needed. As an intern at The Partnership, you can expect to have a flexible schedule with the opportunity to work remotely, while attending weekly team meetings with your supervisor to discuss your progress.

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