Scientastic! Sticks and Stones

Live action & animated TV program

Join Leah and her friends as they investigate broken bones

When Leah's (Lili Reinhart) best friend Habiba breaks her arm during soccer practice, some tough players on the opposing team tell her she'll never be able to play again! It's up to Leah to find out the truth about bones and help her friend. Come along as she and her brother Axel travel far and wide to stack the facts. Their adventure includes singing and dancing, fun 3D animation, and interviews with real-life experts, including a dinosaur paleontologist, a bird trainer, and a rapping biologist!

“Sticks and Stones” (the pilot episode for the Scientastic! series) was directed by Emmy-award winning director Leo Eaton (Zoboomafoo) and originally aired in 2010 on WQED, Pittsburgh's PBS station.

View the full length episode here.