BiblioTech™ CityHacks: In Search of Sleep

Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

An interactive reading experience about sleep, circadian rhythms, and health

Did you know that two-thirds of American teens aren't getting enough sleep? 

How much sleep should you be getting? What happens when you're sleeping? What happens if you don't get enough sleep?!? Help Maya answer these questions so she can convince her mom to let her stay up late for CityHacks, a cool coding club that she wants to join.  

Learn important factual content, like the science behind why getting enough sleep is so important. You get to do this while you build your own branching story. Each chapter features a decision point where the reader decides where to go next, which creates 100's of variations on the flow of the story.

While reading the story, you’ll be able to take notes in your notebook. Images, illustrations, definitions, and key terms and concepts can be collected in your digital notebook. Interactive items contain games, video interviews, and activities that can give you more notes to add to your notebook. By taking notes, you will be able to influence the storyline and help Maya complete her quest!

Features include:

  • Unique and Interactive Experiences
  • Choose how the story unfolds as you read
  • Play fun games and puzzles
  • Watch video interviews with real life experts
  • Interact with colorful charts and graphs

Easy-to-use Reading and Note-taking Tools:

  • Turn pages with a swipe
  • Easy navigation inside the book
  • Take notes while you read
  • Tap highlighted words for instant definitions
  • Automatically save your progress as you read